NewzPoint configurations are available for Brand Engagement optimisation, Event Marketing and Engagement amplification, Increasing Corporate Communications and Commercial Publishing effectiveness.

Using NewzPoint enables organisations to centralise, streamline and increase the intensity of all digital marketing and publishing activities, thereby increasing audience reach, awareness and real engagement.

NewzPoint integrates with all social media platforms and digital communication channels adding a range of unique audience engagement capabilities that have the potential to significantly boost brand communication and commercial publishing activities, thereby increasing productivity, revenue and business value.

Clients have achieved up to 40% saving benefiting from faster and more efficient workflows. With our experience in creating NewzPoint configurations for customers around the world, we can help you every step of the way.


  • Increase loyalty and sales – NewzPoint activations increase loyalty and keep your brand foremost in the minds of your audiences. Setting up one, or a number of NewzPoint channels to keep your target audiences connected to your brand and products is simple and cost effective.

  • Generate new customers – One of the greatest challenges facing digital marketers and publishers is how to regularly reach and engage new audiences. NewzPoint lets you set up direct links with potential customers providing regular opportunities to increase conversion.

  • Inform, motivate and empower staff – Keeping staff passionate and motivated can be time consuming, cumbersome and costly. NewzPoint has a range of staff engagement and content delivery configurations designed to keep staff informed and in sync with business objectives at all times and increase productivity.

  • Share digital assets across an organisation and beyond – Many organisations find that sharing information and digital assets across an organisation, especially with remote offices and suppliers challenging. NewzPoint’s asset management and distribution configurations make the sharing of digital assets effortless.

  • Send news, product information and training materials to agents, dealers and distributors – Keeping your sales and distribution networks bang up to date with the latest news, product information or training materials is immediate and effortless using any one of a number of NewzPoint’s configurations. A fast and affordable way to keep your sales and distribution networks performing effectively at all times.

  • Live stream and archive seminars and conferences – NewzPoint has a range of digital conference configurations to ensure you get the maximum number of viewers for any seminar or conference, live or on-demand.

  • Send press releases and video news releases more efficiently to the media – NewzPoint’s advanced media delivery configuration is an effective way to distribute your press and video news releases to the media. Increase your media coverage and strengthen your relationship with the media with an array of tools including built in live streaming for press conferences.

  • These are just a few of the many possibilities. By setting up an array of channels to reach different target audiences you can effortlessly create, share and distribute content, news information or even entertainment to any or all of your target audiences instantly.

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  • Upload all your online content simultaneously.
  • Full integration into your existing website or we can build you a new website around it.
  • Ideal for both internal and external communications.
  • Full content management service available, giving you more time to do what you do best - run your business!


Newzpoint can be easily customized for Web TV Channels & Video Libraries, Media Centres & Photo Libraries, School & Club Newsletters, Commercial Magazines, Event Archives, Live Channels, Directories, and more…

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